3 ways to heal your healing business so that you can step into your divine leadership and make money from your gifts
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Meet Sara EStelle
Sara Estelle is a WayFinder and Guide for Heart-Centered Business Owners.

Sara Estelle loves to support Healers and Heart-Centered Business Owners, who know deep within that the natural cycles of life hold the key to what they desire in life yet struggle with feelings of isolation, lack of self-worth and knowing how to truly co-create a life and healing business that is joyful, sustainable and of service to themselves and our beautiful planet.

Sara Estelle believes it is time for us as Heart-Centered Business Owners to step into our Divine Leadership by owning our own unique gifts and taking practical and magical steps to share what only we know into the world.

Would you like to learn how to Heal your Healing Business using the ancient sacred arts? 

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3 areas
How To Charge your Worth #1
Charging your worth is a crucial part of being a successful business owner....

 Yet this is an area that often holds conflict for healers that can often lead to under-charging and not earning enough to sustain ourselves.

Join Sara Estelle to find out how to increase your self-worth and thereby increase your income
 How to Find and Share your Unique Gifts  #2
We all hold a unique part of the solution  back to wholeness  - wholeness for our planet and wholeness for ourselves. 

In a world of self-comparison and self-doubt, it is vital for Healers to Step into their Divine Leadership and Become Visible as THIS.  
Join Sara Estelle to find out how.
How To Build a Business using the Natural Cycles of our Earth #3
Building lives and businesses via the old world systems and calendars can feel "old" and leave us uninspired and in our comfort zones. 

In truth our world is in constant change and being in flow with the cycles can help enormously to gain focus and to take sacred action and sacred rest.

Join Sara Estelle to find out how you can be part of this exciting new way of Being.


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